Women’s health directly depends on the state of the vaginal microflora. This complex miniature ecosystem works on the principle of the perfect balance between “bad” bacteria and “good” bacteria, the latter of which are lactobacilli. Produced by the body, these “soldiers” secrete lactic acid, creating a certain protective pH, thanks to which the vaginal environment becomes harmful to pathogenic microbes.

It is imperative to take care to maintain this delicate balance. How? First of all, make a choice in favor of correct intimate hygiene and use special products that do not affect the acidic environment of delicate areas (pH 3.8 – 5.0).

In comparison, the pH of soaps and shower gels can be in the range of 9-11. In such an alkaline environment, lactobacilli struggle to survive. As a result, their number falls and the “bad” bacteria begin to dominate.

The sulfates used in most skin cleansers make the situation even worse. They are also found in the products used to wash clothes or dishes. Just imagine how aggressive they are for the delicate mucous membrane of intimate areas!

In medical terms, a “bad” bacteria-dominated vaginal environment refers to vaginal dysbiosis, affecting one in three women worldwide *. In addition to discomfort that reduces your quality of life, vaginal dysbiosis can have serious consequences: premature birth if the infection occurs during pregnancy, an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or diseases of the pelvic organs that can cause infertility, etc.

In conclusion, proper intimate hygiene plays a crucial role in preventing serious gynecological problems. But is it enough to choose a product for female intimate hygiene to protect the reproductive organs’ microflora?

Unfortunately, among the many products for the care of delicate areas, very few are truly harmless and beneficial for the female body. Therefore, you have made the right choice if your product:

  • has a pH that maintains the natural acidity of the vaginal environment;
  • has, in addition to the cleansing effect, a caring and protective effect;
  • contains natural lactic acid, which “repels” dangerous bacteria;
  • contains ONLY hypoallergenic fragrances to control odor without irritation;
  • contains a high % of natural ingredients;
  • was created with input from dermatologists/is recommended by gynecologists;
  • does not contain substances hazardous to the skin such as SLS, SLES, parabens, or synthetic dyes.

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