Viorica gift certificate

The expression of true care

The lucky owner of the gift certificate
has the opportunity to choose a gift to their taste!

Viorica gift certificate terms of use:

  • One gift certificate entitles to only one purchase.
  • The gift certificate cannot be exchanged for money.
  • If the purchase value is less than the nominal value of the gift certificate, the monetary difference is not refunded.
  • If the purchase value exceeds the value of the certificate, the buyer can make an additional payment.
  • Once used, the gift certificate is sent to the store and can be re-sold.
  • The certificate is canceled if not used within 6 months after purchase.
  • Gift certificates can be purchased and used only in Viorica stores.
Gift card Viorica
Gift card Viorica
Gift card Viorica
Gift card Viorica