VioPark ecological plantation is a unique project launched by Daac-Hermes holding group and by its subsidiary company Viorica, for the purpose of growing ecologically clean plants according to the principles of permaculture.


— permanent agriculture — an approach to the design of the natural environment and an agricultural system based on the relationships within a natural ecosystem.

The project was developed and implemented with the support of Sepp Holzer – an international expert on ecological farming, recognized as a world leader in permaculture.

VioPark is the home of dozens of different medicinal plants, which we use as raw material for the production of our cosmetics.

Having our own eco-plantation allows us to control all stages of plant growth, and be sure of their ecological purity and high content of active substances.

VioPark is located about 60 km West of Chisinau, in an ecologically clean region of the Republic of Moldova, near the village of Varnitsa in the Anenii Noi district. The plantation is located close to the Nistru river, covering a surface of 130 hectares. There are several small lakes connected by a water cascade on its territory.

Specially designed landscape of earthen berms and lakes, a large number of trees, herbs and shrubs of specially selected varieties create a unique microclimate which creates favourable conditions for the growth of medicinal plants.

In VioPark plants are not chemically treated, and only substances of natural sources are used to fertilize the soil.

The close-to-wild growth conditions, together with the total abscence of chemicals, create a unique result – the plants develop a high content of active substances and beneficial phyto-chemicals, such as the healing salvestrols and adaptogens.

Currently, a large part of raw materials used in the production of Viorica products, such as vegetal oils, extracts of flowers, herbs and roots, are obtained from the crops that grow in VioPark.

This allows us to ensure purity and guarantee high effectiveness of Viorica cosmetics.

In 2020 VIOPARK ecoplantation received the official confirmation that the process and conditions of crop cultivation stand in line with the provisions of the organic production Regulation. More than 35 varieties of herbs, shrubs and fruit trees grown on the territory of VIOPARK received the organic certificate.


— are a pharmacological group of substances of natural or artificial origin that can increase the body’s nonspecific resistance to a wide range of harmful effects of physical, chemical and biological nature.