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Viorica Vie “Gentle Care” facial skincare Set
Viorica Vie

Viorica Vie “Gentle Care” facial skincare Set

Viorica Vie

Viorica Vie “Gentle Care” facial skincare Set

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The ideal gift for women with sensitive skin, this range makes daily facial skincare simple and easy.

  • The perfect gift for a woman of any age
  • The products’ gentle formula has been specially developed for gentle cleansing and care of sensitive skin
  • The products contain the unique ViephenolTM antioxidant complex
  • Each product contains specially selected active plant-based ingredients for maximum effectiveness
  • Dermatologically tested during development
  • The products contain extracts of environmentally friendly plants grown on our own eco-farm, VioPark
  • Not tested on animals
  • No artificial colors
  • No harmful chemical substances

All VIORICA VIE products are based on the unique ViephenolTM antioxidant complex from Moldovan grapes. The complex is especially rich in proanthocyanidins, a rare natural antioxidant. ViephenolTM actively prevents photoaging, stimulates collagen production, and supports skin regeneration on a cellular level.


The sulfate-free cleansing formula for sensitive skin contains ViephenolTM blackcurrant leaf extract and aloe vera, which have softening and soothing properties, reduce pores, and also provide antioxidant protection.


The multifunctional formula, which containing ViephenolTM, grape seed lipids, and almonds, in addition to lavender extract, prevents premature skin aging, intensively nourishes the skin, and provides firmness and a healthy glow.