Blackcurrant leaf extract
Blackcurrant leaf extract Blackcurrant leaf extract

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Blackcurrant leaf extract

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Blackcurrant leaf extract

It is scientifically proven that blackcurrant leaves contain the same properties as the fruits themselves.

Blackcurrant leaf extract is a powerful natural antioxidant thanks to its high vitamin C content and flavonoids. Blackcurrant leaf infusion also contains Carotene and Phytoncides, known for their antimicrobial properties, and also important minerals including magnesium, manganese and copper.

Thanks to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, blackcurrant leaf extract has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Blackcurrant leaf extract is commonly used to care for sensitive young skin. It soothes rashes, dermatitis and diathesis.

Why it’s good for your face

  • Protects healthy skin cells from harmful free radicals
  • Evens skin tone and lightens pigment spots
  • Cleanses pores
  • Rejuvenates dry and irritated skin

Why it’s good for your hair

  • Tones and rejuvenates hair
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Soothes irritated scalps

Why it’s good for your body

  • Treats skin conditions by replenishing the skin’s natural barrier
  • Improves the skin’s immunity, revives and cleanses the body
  • Strengthens blood vessels


Some individuals may be intolerant to this product.

Scientific evidence

[1] In comparative studies on the antioxidant effects of blackcurrant leaves, buds and berries, it was found that the leaves can neutralise free radicals.


[2] Blackcurrant leaves have prominent anti-inflammatory properties.