Amino acids
Amino acids Amino acids

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Amino acids

There are around 20 different amino acids, which are important for the skin. They have specific functions including hydrating the skin and the formation of proteins, elastic fibres, collagen and keratin. In this way they help the skin to stay supple and healthy.

Amino acids can function as conductors of other substances. They also neutralise free radicals which cause skin ageing.

Why they’re good for your face

  • Strengthens the skin’s inner structure, making it firm and supple
  • Restores the skin’s protective barrier
  • Speeds up the regeneration and exfoliation of keratinized skin cells
  • Regulates the skin’s nature moisture levels

Why they’re good for your hair

  • Prevents hair loss and hair ageing
  • Stimulates the renewal of keratin (which makes up the hair shaft)
  • Moisturises the hair and gives curly hair bounce

Why they’re good for your body

  • Restores and strengthens the skin’s protective functions
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Eliminates microdamage


Individual intolerance.

Scientific evidence  

[1] It is scientifically proven that amino acids provide a structure for proteins and peptides, which help keep the skin healthy and young.


[2] The amino acid ‘proline’ increases the production of collagen in fibroblasts in the body.


[3] Amino acids have the potential to restore the synthesis of collagen after exposure to UV-radiation.