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Eau de parfum «SEASONS Mandarin Oriental» 100 ml

Eau de parfum «SEASONS Mandarin Oriental» 100 ml

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Eau de parfum «SEASONS Mandarin Oriental» 100 ml

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The aroma fills the blood with adrenaline, makes the heart beat faster and calls for action, reminding that movement is life. Bright appearance, style, individuality, passionate nature, casual charm and charming, optimistic smile are the embodiment of this fragrance. He conquers others with his optimism, sincerity and charges with positive emotions. In a bright bouquet harmoniously blends fresh and energetic notes of green plants with sensuality and passion of spices against the background of noble wood and tender musk. The first notes are revealed by a fresh trend of young leaves of mint and basil with an admixture of sweet passion fruit. The heart of the perfume composition consists of a tangle of orange blossom and mandarin with an admixture of spicy pink pepper, which is replaced by sweetish chords of cinnamon and nutmeg. An elegant background of woody notes of vetiver and vanilla, decorated with a light musk pattern.

Top notes: mint, passion fruit, basil
Middle notes: leaves of geranium, orange, mandarin, cinnamon, nutmeg
Base notes: vetiver, vanilla, sandalwood

Volume 100 ml

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