This year the cosmetic company Viorica-Cosmetic Moldova is taking part in the exhibition called “Made in Moldova”. It is presenting a new Viorica-Nordica line products, that has recently come out of the conveyor of the factory, being ready to be used by anyone who needs it.

At the moment, these cosmetic products can be tested and purchased exclusively within the “Moldexpo” exhibition which will last up to the 2nd of February.

“Since it is scientifically proven that the natural components of cosmetic products are absorbed much better by the organism, we offer namely those types of products which are needed by Moldovan people. At the exhibition, we are presenting a new range of products called Viorica-Nordica which was specially created for the cold season. It is enriched with coconut oil that deeply hydrates the skin. We are waiting for you until Sunday, the 2nd of February”, in the pavilion N2 which is the central pavilion in Moldexpo” – was mentioned by Liliana Tatarciuc. Besides new products, the exhibition visitors may purchase their favorite cosmetic products which are on sale now, those ones which are known for affordable prices and high quality.

“Traditionally, Viorica-Cosmetic company is taking part in the “Made in Moldova” exhibition where we are presenting our products and everything that we are proud of. We support the traditions of the Moldovan people and we do have what our constant customers like. Besides, promotions and gifts that we offer, we produce a high-quality natural product that Moldovans like. Our products are based on oils and extracts of plants grown in the Republic of Moldova, most of which are grown in the Vio-Park ecological zone,”- said Liliana Tatarciuc, the company’s online marketing manager.

Many visitors not only are interested in taking part in testing cosmetics, but they are also waiting for the master class on creating cosmetics with their own hands.

“I came and discovered a very large Viorica Cosmetic stand and I am very pleased. Am I wrong or this is the only cosmetic stand here at Moldexpo? I am proud to have discovered this stand, I am proud to have discovered Viorica Cosmetic. I highly recommend everyone to come over here because today the master class is taking place. It is going to be a master-class where a real-time lip scrub is going to be made and all the visitors will be able to witness the process. Welcome here,come, get Viorica Cosmetic products tested and introduce them in your daily hygiene ”, – recommended by Doina Danielean, blogger, influencer.