Imagine an office where everyone is busy, minding their own business, the work is organized accordingly, all the tasks are being carried out properly and are going to be delivered on time. Suddenly, a fellow worker shows up in this team, who does not have a lot of responsibilities but has a lot of time. He is approaching the co-workers, talking to them, basically disturbing them all. At the same time, he seems to be working, however, the productivity of the rest of the workers is being badly damaged. Consequently, things are starting falling apart.

Likewise, free radical production occurs in our bodies. Free radicals are considered to be particles that have unpaired electrons on the outer electron shell. In an effort to find a pair of these electrons, free radicals actively interact with the “co-workers”: they select the electron becoming stable themselves, while the damaged particle starts looking for a new “victim”. As you see, free radicals are not born this way, instead they become this way.

The electrons of the oxygen molecules are most likely to be lost in the skin and other tissues of our organism. In case there are many “wounded” molecules, the body “oxidizes” and begins to age faster than it is supposed to.

Where do the unstable particles come from? How to deal with them? Is it necessary to defeat all of them? And what’s that got to antioxidants? Let’s have a look.

Where do the radicals get freedom from?

Most often, the radicals literally appear from the air. Inhaling tobacco smoke, car exhausts or emissions from industrial enterprises, we let “saboteurs” into our bodies. However, there are other dangers: particles can be damaged due to stress, poor nutrition, not enough sleep, an excess of ultraviolet radiation and many other factors.

Well, what’s now? Shall we not work, eat or breathe? No, there is no need in such drastic measures to fight against free radicals. However, there are a couple of things that might be done. For example:

• Get enough sleep. It is possible, we know that for sure.
• If you live in a metropolis, you’d better get out of town to pamper yourself with fresh air at least sometimes.
• Avoid stress and give up bad habits.

Antioxidants might also be great solution.

What are antioxidants, why are they needed and where can we get them?

Antioxidants are substances that are capable of neutralizing the oxidative effects of free radicals. They stop the chain “catch up with the molecule and take away the electron”. Therefore, they help to slow down the body’s withering. And this is exactly what we all want, right?
The list of the extensive antioxidants includes: protein-catalysts, vitamins, tannins, anthocyanins, flavonoids. In short, there are a lot of antioxidants, and most of them can be obtained through proper nutrition, of course. Here is just a short list of sources of natural antioxidants:

• Fresh berries: blueberries, sea buckthorn, currants, pomegranates, grapes.
• Nuts and different types pulses.
• Artichokes.
• Green tea, cocoa, red wine.

But let’s be honest: how many of us eat so well to give our body a sufficient portion of antioxidants? There is another side of antioxidation – you cannot strive to destroy all free radicals. In moderate amounts, they support the body’s defenses, help the absorption of nutrients. This way, an excess of antioxidants is unwanted. How to find the right balance?

Beauticians are here by our side to help. In some cosmetic lines the complex of antioxidants is selected in such a way as to stabilize the oxidative processes in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. This is the best solution to maintain youth and skin elasticity.

Viorica-Cosmetic also has antioxidant products line with grape seed oil and grape leaf extract which includes:
• Day face cream.
• Hand cream.
• Antioxidant micellar water.

Grapes called “Viorica” are used as a raw material namely, because of the fact that they are considered as one of the leaders in the content of magnesium, calcium, polyphenols and amino acids.

The biggest advantage of Viorica-Cosmetic is that the products are produced using herbs and crops grown in Moldova in specially selected places with excellent ecology. Scientists claim that humans absorb vitamins and substances best if they were grown in the same region where humans grew up themselves. This way, Viorica-Cosmetic offers the best that the nature might offer itself.